Agile Manifesto Posters

On the hunt

I really wanted to find a good Agile Manifesto poster, and failed miserably. I can’t readily print a web page and display it, it’s too  ugly. Nor do I care to register (or provide my email details) to download a poster, that’s not a great way to engage visitors. I also encountered overcomplicated low resolution images – no use.

I wasn’t alone

It looks like I was not alone in my dissatisfaction. Rich Daley blogged about his similar experiences, and I found the same monstrosity he did. Rich was thoughtful enough to provide his own version, which I have used in conversations.

The agile manifesto presented by Rich Daley

Time to hand-crank

I created  some Agile Manifesto posters that keep it simple stupid, and deliver what I need. I didn’t need the 12 principles for a start.

They are both in A4 landscape. I quickly realized I’m terrible at info-graphics and graphic design!

Let me know if you like them, used them, or have found better ones!


6 thoughts on “Agile Manifesto Posters

  1. These are great, Giles. I’m going to print them and hang them up. One small point, though. Isn’t the one on the left slightly incorrect? Shouldn’t the last item should be “Following a plan” instead of “Contract negotiation”?


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