AnimPie.js – toe dipping into OSS waters

I’d just like to announce my first Open Source Software contribution, under the MIT licence – AnimPie.js.

You can see a more interactive demo in this fiddle.

Here’s An updated version

Do not be surprised if the code is a bit shoddy, I’m a C++ and occasional C# guy dipping his toes into the awful land of the un-typed, un-compiled JavaScript! I watched a video or two and Googled a lot.


Why did I do this?

I was at home thinking of all the wonderful software projects I could do to make my millions, but all of them were just BORING.

My head filled with visions of minority report style screens, and thought – I always do back-end or middleware.. I want to do something cool and visible, and a swirly pie chart thingy sounded pleasing yet simple.

After seeing a tweet by Jon Galloway, highlighting that even developers who have ‘finished’ something, fail to share it, and also that something doesn’t have to be finished to be valuable – I decided that I would just see what I could do in a weekend and put it out there. I also have seen my ex-colleague Steve Cooper pushing things ‘out there’, and wanted to join the OSS club.

This little library doesn’t include any library dependencies – by design. That may change, but there’s nothing like doing something from scratch to get to grips with the language.

Here’s some of the resources I used in the making of AnimPie.js.

Design Seeds


A colour trend article at Design Shack 

DevBridge’s JavaScript Best Practices

Math Open Reference (Parametric Equation of a Circle)

And of course StackOverflow.


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