This is the really really boring bit mostly read by bots and occasionally a HU-MAN (see below)! Are you a HU-MAN? Please say hello!

If I’ve saved you time/money or helped you out, or you enjoy my games please feel free to show your appreciation & support https://paypal.me/GilesDMiddleton

Things I’ve done in my spare time.

Q1 2014 – Q2 2015 Objective C, iPhone/SpriteKit, Xcode – building TapPhrase.

Q2 2015 Released TapPhrase

Q3 2015 Started learning more about C# development. Unity 3d, Blender. Created silly games like Lillian Goes Skiing (not released) and started on Space Life – which was pretty awesome actually, see some of it here in my youtube channel – it’s all procedurally (and deterministically) generated.

Q3 2016 Published Software Licensing Survival Guide

Q4 2016 Started working on a Dachshund game, but put on hold.

Q2 2017 Released Very Simple Solitaire on Facebook, iOS App Store and Google Play.

Q2 2017 Getting back to the Dachshund game. Expect some blogs soon!

Site content

The articles on this blog are my personal ‘brain dump’. I came to the realisation that I cannot possibly hold all the information I learn or problems I solve in my head. My memory is like a bucket, once it’s full, old memories leak out when new ones come in. So this site serves as my personal brain-backup. If you find posts useful, please leave a comment and say thanks, or even better, share it!
I’m of the opinion that if a developer encounters a problem and a solution which isn’t readily available (or obvious) elsewhere, they should blog it. If I can save a fellow developer 10 minutes, then I’m glad to have helped.
My views are solely my own and do not represent those of my employer. Use information from my posts entirely at your own risk.

About me

Showing an interest in programming from an early age, and developing commercial systems from the age of 15, I graduated in Computer Science at Lancaster University in 1996. I have experience in Financial, Defence and Commercial software projects and have always been elevated quickly to positions of responsibility. During 2011-2013 I was permitted to join the BCS under the fellowship programme (FBCS), but apart from having some letters after my name and being able to sign passports, the BCS offers very little to its members which is not already offered to the general public for free. It currently lacks teeth compared to other professional industry bodies (legal/financial/medical). I will return if this changes. I am also a Certified Scrum Master. The exam might have been easy, but being a Scrum master is not.
I love to solve problems, and am like a child in a sweet shop when technology is around. Although my job allows me to deliver software and practice my craft, my own projects and research at home provide the greatest value and skill development which maintains my professional capability.

I regularly attend local events in my own time such as Agile Yorkshire and DDDNorth, the odd conference, if you’re at one, say hello!


At work: Mainly C++, MFC,  C#, MSSQL. Recent (light) exposure to MVC/ASP.NET/JavaScript, PhoneGap HTML/CSS, JQuery, JQuery Mobile, Windows 8 Phone/Windows 8. Experience of cryptography, PKI, FIPS and digital signing. I have infrequent use of Oracle (created by the devil, I’m sure). I also deal with FOSS licensing issues and code escrow management as part of my day job. An all rounder.


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  1. Well, add another to read your about. Found you on a google search about JQM and IE10. Your SOLID looks interesting,

  2. now that I have this information I can obsess over you and fix my server. Yesssssssssssssssssssss

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