My Games

Here’s a list of the games I’ve developed, and those that never saw the app store. I really wanted to finish them all, but when you’re solo you realise it would take years – so I’ve had to get smarter. Maybe if one game becomes a hit, I can fund the others. Firstly the released games…

Very Simple Solitaire

Simulator Screen Shot 29 Apr 2017, 08.50.32

This is currently only available on On Facebook (desktop browsers, use Chrome or Edge). It was on the Apple App Store, on the Google Play store and On Facebook  but removed due to ongoing costs, and the shutdown of



Read all about it here. Coming soon to Facebook, was available on the Apple App Store as a native iOS game.


Daisy & Reskew – Not yet released

A game about a dachshund named Daisy with an amputee sidekick (no pun intended) Reskew. Here’s a video of some of Daisy’s animations and a basic Reskew and his chariot, where he can store trash to help clean up the environment.


Space Life – not released

A procedurally (deterministic) massive universe, with more space than No-man’s sky – and some Elite & steampunk inspired content. Decided to put it on the back burner to focus on things that are more achievable! Although looking back – it’s easier to animate ships than dogs! Here’s a list of the blogs I wrote about it.



Lillian goes skiing – not released.

An early attempt at a 3d unity game – mainly to help me learn the basics.